Drew Johnson has some views he'd rather Clark County voters forget

Drew Johnson is running for Clark County Commission - he's extreme, out of touch, and dangerous for Clark County. His positions on the issues can seem too extreme to be real, so we've compiled the evidence so you can see for yourself. No exaggeration necessary.

Drew Johnson is an Anti-Choice Extremist with some of the most disturbing takes on women you'll ever hear. From saying he'd try to prevent abortion, to thinking strip clubs and internet porn will keep women safe from rape, one thing is clear:

Drew Johnson's views are just plain creepy. He's unfit for office and wrong for Clark County families.

Drew Johnson says porn prevents rape

In an article in The Daily Caller, Drew Johnson wrote that internet porn was a "miracle drug" that prevents rape

Drew Johnson said Strip Clubs prevent Child Abuse

Like his twisted views on internet pornography, Drew Johnson believes Strip Clubs prevent rape and that we should build more.

Calls seniors on Social Security socialists

Drew Johnson thinks seniors on Social Security are "socialists suckling off the teat of government"

Drew Johnson is

On 7/31/2017 Drew Johnson tweeted that our police officers needlessly kill pets, and ruin lives

Like, seriously anti-police:

In this Twitter exchange we see Drew Johnson downplay the risks police take to keep our communities safe

Drew Johnson says your vote doesn't matter

Despite asking for your vote, Drew Johnson doesn't think it matters!

Drew Johnson opposes gun free zones

Schools, churches, government buildings are at risk with Drew Johnson.

Drew Johnson hangs out with Alex Jones

Even after Alex Jones terrorized the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, Drew Johnson made an appearance on his show to chat

Drew Johnson said the KKK should adopt highways

Drew Johnson has no issues with a known hate-group adopting highways

Drew Johnson railed against PPP loans, then took one himself

Drew Johnson hates government assistance - unless he's taking it! After condemning PPP loans he took $30k+ for himself

Drew Johnson helped drunk drivers avoid the police

Drew Johnson posted locations of DUI Checkpoints designed to help prevent drunk drivers from causing accidents

Drew Johnson would bring the NV GOP's extreme positions on abortion to the Commission

Drew Johnson has made it clear - if elected he'll be the NVGOP's rubber stamp on the County Commission. In fact, his campaign efforts are even partially funded and intertwined with the NVGOP's coordinated campaign - this anti-woman, anti-choice platform has no place in Clark County.

Drew Johnson liked a tweet joking about the October 1 shooting

Just 24 hours after the 1 October shooting Drew Johnson liked a tweet saying "My jokes may be too early, but your prayers are too late"

Drew Johnson doesn't want Clark County voters to know about his extreme record, and his history of offensive statements. Whether it's women, the police, or even seniors on social security - nothing and no one is off-limits for Drew.

Drew Johnson's statements are simply too extreme for Clark County families. He's unfit to represent us on the Clark County Commission.